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Tinkergarten Classes

Nature play-based classes designed for children 1.5 to 8 years old. 

Tinkergarten helps families get outside to make the most of their kids’ early learning years. Designed by education experts and loved by all families, our play-based outdoor curriculum guides parents in raising healthy, confident, and capable kids. Each season, we meet for nature class with songs, movement, exploration and purposeful play.


Our senses are central to how we experience the world, how we behave, and how we learn. This Summer, our curriculum is designed to help each child strengthen and balance their senses in the most stimulating and soothing classroom of all—the great outdoors. Our lessons follow a steady progression and are organized into three units. In our The Famous Five unit, we’ll activate the senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. In our Hidden Senses unit, we’ll focus on integrating multiple senses at once and introduce two hidden senses that, though less known, have a major impact on how kids feel and learn—the vestibular system and proprioception. We’ll wrap up with our Sense of Joy and Wonder unit with three very special lessons designed to help us explore the senses we love most at Tinkergarten.

Class Info:

July 15th - 19th or July 22nd - 26th

Every day from 9:30 - 11 am

Summer 2024 Season - Sensory


Season Registration

When signing up for the full season, you will receive a season map that allows your explorer to track their outdoor play and classes each day. Families that sign up for the season will also receive one free "Bring a Friend" pass that can be used for any class in the season. At the end of the season, we celebrate our explorers and they each receive a Summer 2024 Sensory Badge. Each class is limited to 15 explorers for a small class experience.

Explorer Price $70

(10% off for Members)

$35 for each additional sibling with a maximum of $140 for each household. 


Drop-In Classes

Not ready to sign up for the whole season or want to see what class is like? If there are open spots in our season, you can drop into any of our open classes during the season for $15.

If available, drop-in classes will open July 1st 


Free Monthly Play-Dates

Every month, we will have a free outdoor playdate in the Playscape at Hayes Arboretum. Each time, we will have a short activity, story, and song followed by time for families to socialize and play!

Our next play date will be July 12th at 10:30 am


About Me

My name is Lizzie and I live here in Richmond, IN with my husband, our three daughters, and our dog. We love hiking, getting outside, and exploring national parks. I originally got into leading Tinkergarten classes because there was nothing else like it, and fell in love with the curriculum, activities and most of all, the community. With a bachelor's degree in Education and over 8 years experience teaching, I am excited to bring outdoor fun, play, and learning to families!

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What are Tinkergarten classes like?

Each session follows an intentional structure that includes community building, songs, movement, learning about nature, guided play time, and a closing community share time. During guided play time, Leaders introduce a lesson of the week to inspire kids to play and develop a particular aspect of the target skill of the season. Every Tinkergarten lesson is designed to inspire open-ended exploration and play through which kids actively engage in imagining, exploring, and/or problem solving.


See more about what class can look like here.

What age groups does Tinkergarten serve?

Our current program is designed for children ages 18 months to 8 years, and our mixed-age formats support all learners, from the youngest to oldest. Our open-ended learning tasks and universal design curriculum and approach to supporting children allows each child to find the right challenge level. in each lesson and enables kids to learn from their classmates, both those the same age and those of different ages. Leaders also take time to get to know each child and adapt our approach to best fit the child's interests, strengths and needs. 


Read more about the powerful benefits of mixed age learning here.

How do we foster a safe enviroment for explorers?

At Tinkergarten, each explorer (child) is accompanied by a guide (parent or caregiver). Although guides work hard to give children all of the space they need to drive their own play, guides are also there to help remind explorers to play in a way that keeps them and other friends at Tinkergarten feeling safe.

 A few, simple rules help us address most situations:

  • Explorers (children) can explore on their own as long as they can still see or hear their guide or the Leader.

  • If explorers are taking physical risks, we check in to make sure that they feel sturdy and safe in their risk-taking. 

  • Leaders encourage children to engage in risky play, but give clear re-direction if or when safety and the safety of friends in the class could be compromised. 

  • We encourage children not to put nature treasures in their mouths. If a wee one is doing so as a natural part of exploring the world, we work with their guide to try to honor that need in the safest way possible.

What happens in inclement weather?

We love to play in (nearly) all weather at Tinkergarten. But, in the case of unsafe weather, your Leader will update families at least 90 minutes prior to class by email and text message. Families will either be offered an alternative time to meet during the same week or the season will be extended for an extra week. Make sure to dress your explorer and yourself in weather appropriate clothing for outdoor activities. 

Can siblings join in the fun?

Yes! Our mixed-aged classes are the perfect experience to enjoy with siblings. Siblings under 18 months or over 8 years old may join at no cost. For families with many children, we have a 50% off discount for each additional sibling. 

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If you have any other questions, please reach out to

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