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Volunteer with Us


We are always looking for enthusaistic, dedicated people to volunteer at Hayes Arboretum! From maintaining the property and trails to helping with groups and field trips, there is always something to do. If you are looking for a fun, educational, and nature-filled environment, the arboretum is the place for you!


To get started you can visit the Nature Center or call at (765) 962-3745. We are open Tuesday-Saturday, 9-5pm. You can also download the volunteer form.


Wednesdays, 1:30pm

Invasive Plant Removal

Work with our Honeysuckle Removal Team to restore our forests!

Periwinkle and Garlic Mustard Pulls are also available seasonally and can be scheduled during business hours.


Please call 765.962.3745 to schedule.


Times Vary

Programs & Activities

Do you enjoy working with students and families? Help lead groups on hikes and programs so that visitors can have the best experience possible!

Please call 765.962.3745 to schedule.

Mountain Bikes

Times Vary

Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance

Did you know that our Mountain Bike Trails are created and maintained by volunteers? Meet at the East Side Parking Lot (corner of Woodside Dr and Hayes Arb Rd).


Please call 765.962.3745 to schedule.

Frog Pond

Tuesday-Saturdays, Times Vary

Educational Interpretation & Projects

Hayes Arboretum is constantly evolving to the needs of the community. Help us with one of our bigger projects so that we can continue to serve the community to our fullest extent!


Please call 765.962.3745 to schedule.


Tuesday-Saturdays, Times Vary

Grounds & Building Maintenance

Help us keep Hayes Arboretum clean and healthy for future generations to enjoy! Includes clearing trails, picking up litter on roadsides, and cleaning buildings.


Please call 765.962.3745 to schedule.

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