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Red Mountain Bike Trail

  • 2.5 Miles

  • Intermediate*

  • 2 Wooden Features

  • 6 Wooden Bridges

  • 3 Log Features

*Contains advanced and expert wooden features


The most physically challenging (and scenic) trail with many elevation changes.

The most technically advanced trail at Hayes Arboretum. The Red Trail was built in 2015. It features short, steep climbs, off-camber sections, tight turns, and a number of large log crossings (1).

This first section of the Red Trail is a nice, flowing single track that takes advantage of natural berms and bowls as you climb to the top of the first ridge. Once you summit the ridge, you'll drop down into the second section of the Red Trail. This section contains the largest change in elevation, the wooden berm, and the newest section of trail. This leads you into the 3rd and 4th sections of the trail with a super fast downhill, the bowl and a log ride known as the "dragon's backbone". The 5th and final section runs along the 3 acre pond and the largest bridge on the trails. 

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