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Orange Mountain Bike Trail

  • 1.4 Miles

  • Intermediate*

  • 1 Wooden Table Top Feature

  • 3 Wooden Gable Features

  • 1 Log Features

*Contains advanced log feature with a ride around

"1.4 miles of flowing singletrack containing climbs, berms, sharp corners and fast descents."

Greg Turner - MTB Project


A challenging trail with many elevation changes and features.

As you enter the Orange Trail, you'll find yourself in some of the more technical sections in this trail system. The Orange Trail starts with a short, fast drop to the base of the first long climb. You'll descend along the ridge to a series of short, steep switchbacks, bringing you back to the top of the ridge once more.

As you follow the ridge, you'll pass a solid log ride. (Hint: The log ride gives you an alternate route and is a great way top make a pass on your buddies). The trail descends to the back side of the ridge and begins to transition into a series of fast flat sections with log crossings and sweeping turns (1).

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