General Information


For the health and safety of all of our visitors, Hayes Arboretum is bringing back our Explorer Packets for another summer!

Please register your child's packet at least a week in advance (the Tuesday before the Explorer Packet date) so that our summer staff has ample time to put the kit together.

Each individual packet costs $5. If a child is registered for all packets by May 17th, the Little Green Thumbs Explorer Packet will be free! (On the registration form, there is a dropdown for this option). 

A free tote bag will be given to all explorers during the first week of packet pick-ups!

Additionally, a self-led hike or activity will be available Tuesday-Saturday, 9-5pm that will go along with the theme of the week. 


Each Explorer Packet will have a page on our website where videos and hike information for the week can be found. The web pages will open for each course during its scheduled week and can be found under the "Events & Resources" dropdown at the top of the website. 

Explorer Packets will be available for pick-up during business hours (Tuesday-Saturday, 9-5pm) during their active week. More details for picking up the packets will be available closer to the date.


June 1st - 5th

Birds of a Feather

Tea kettle, tea kettle, tea kettle, tea! What bird might that be? Sing along to bird songs, find the secrets to flight, and reveal the purpose of beak shapes. 

June 8th - 12th

Treemendous Trees

How does a small seed transform into a large tree? Follow the life cycle of a plant, identify trees from leaves, and appreciate the importance of our forests!   

June 15th - 19th

A Life in the Night

What happens once the sun sets? Discover the adaptations and lifestyles of nocturnal animals.

June 22nd - 26th

Animal Ambassadors

Why are animals important? Reveal the answer to this while learning about endangered species and virtually meeting some animal ambassadors.

July 6th - 10th

Little Scientists

What questions will you find answers to? Become a scientist, perform an experiment, and get results!

July 13th - 17th

Hoosier Herpetology

Hop into the world of amphibians and reptiles! Discover the differences and similarities of these two cold-blooded animal groups while learning their roles in Indiana.  

July 20th - 24th

The Power of Pollinators

What is pollination and why is it important? Follow the journey of a pollen grain from a plant to your dinner plate!  

July 27th - 31st

Little Green Thumbs

How green is your thumb? Learn the importance of gardens by growing plants, harvesting, and making a delicious snack!