Per the guidance from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, all bird feeders and features - including hummingbird feeders - should be sanitized and stored away until further notice.


Songbirds across the state have been reported ill or dead to a mysterious ailment that has yet to be identified. Symptoms included crusted and swollen areas near the eye and signs of neurological damage.


At this time, officials have announced that it is not Avian Influenza, West Nile Virus, Salmonella, Chlamydia, Newcastle Disease Virus, Herpesviruses, Poxviruses, or Trichomonas Parasites.


Birds affected thus far include American Robins, Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals, European Starling, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Common Grackles, Wrens, Sparrows, House Finches, & Red-bellied Woodpeckers.


   To learn more visit the Indiana DNR here.


The Auto Tour Pavement Project is complete!

Tokens can be purchased inside the Nature Center. 

Members: Free

Non-members: $5/car

Important News from Hayes Arboretum (Updated 7/14/2021):

Main Entrance is Open Tuesday-Saturday, 9-5pm.

East Side Trailhead is Open dawn to dusk, every day. 


  • All fully vaccinated visitors have the option to wear a mask indoors. 

  • All visitors that are not fully vaccinated, we kindly ask that you wear mask up indoors.

  • Hiking trails can be accessed from the Main Entrance (801 Elks Road) and the East Side Trailhead (corner of Hayes Arboretum Road and Woodside Drive).


  • Mountain Bike Trails are accessed from the East Side Trailhead and are weather dependent. Please confirm the status of the mountain bike trails here.

  • The Nature Playscape, including the Butterfly and Herb gardens, are OPEN for public use. The boxes containing the smaller components of the playscape will currently remain off limits. ​

  • The restrooms are OPEN and can be accessed from the back of the Nature Center.

  • The Nature Center is OPEN to the public, including the Toddler Room. Some rooms and exhibits will remain closed. 

  • The Auto Tour is OPEN. Please call the day of the visit to verify it is open or closed to the public for that particular day. Tokens can be purchased in the Nature Center. Members are free while nonmembers pay $5/car.

  • No building rentals or future booking/reservations for any indoor spaces at this time. 


Thank you for understanding.

Hayes Arboretum is a private property and classified forest. This means that you cannot collect or hunt mushrooms, flowers, plants, animals, and other natural objects from the property without permission of

Hayes Arboretum staff.

Please follow these rules and stay on the trails.

Help us protect the forest for future generations. 

Thank you!

dog on leash.png

Dogs are welcomed!

Please use leash and clean up after pets.

Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails

Come explore our sixteen miles of hiking trails, the heart and soul of the Arboretum.



See the beautiful scenery of Hayes Arboretum from the comfort of your car on this two-mile driving tour. Admission is $5 per car and free for members.



We host a variety of programs and events throughout the year for all ages, including public hikes, school field trips, and special celebrations.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Hayes Arboretum's Mountain Bike trails are located on the East Side of the property, on the corner of Woodside Dr. and Hayes Arb Rd. Before riding, you must sign a one-time safety waiver, and of course, wear a helmet!

Continuing the Tradition

Continuing the Tradition

The Arboretum has a history of over 100 years of environmental stewardship; Stanley Hayes bought his first parcels of land in 1915.



Becoming a member is one of the best ways to support the Arboretum, and members receive a variety of benefits in return.

Read & Roam:

In the Tall Tall Grass

Now - Aug 14th, Dawn to Dusk

Starts on the Orange Hiking Trail and leads to the Pollinator Fields on the East Side (corner of Hayes Arb Rd & Woodside Dr).

Pollinator Path


Starts by the East Side Parking Lot.

Garden Sensory Walk

July 27th - 31st, 9-5pm

Located in the Herb & Butterfly Gardens in Nature Playscape.


July 31st, 9am

Group meets in the Nature Center Parking Lot.