1888 Northern Pacific Scouts


1888 Northern Pacific Scouts

This 1888 photo of Stanley Hayes and the other men who were with the Northern Pacific surveying party near Cheney, Washington Territory.

On the back of the photograph, it reads:

Photograph taken Feb. 25, 1888, at camp one mile east of Cheney, Wash. Territory of Northern Pacific surveying parties in charge of Engrs. Jamieson & Root. The parties had just returned from locating a road from Chaney to MacAmteis Crossing of the Grand Coulee. 117 1/2 miles. They started on the expedition Dec. 10, 1887. The names of the persons in the group beginning at right.

A. A. Boothe
Perry Sargent
C. W. Root
Lou Keene
A. Wold
Axel Otness
J. M. Gibboney
S. W. Hayes
Frank Chamberlain
W. W. Reed
W. F. Tucker
Dr. Robinson
H. W. Walker
Fred Kellog
Robt. MacLeod
J. W. MacFarlane
Benj. Perkins

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